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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Review for Fall (Cold Mark Book 1) by Scarlett Dawn

Fall (Cold Mark Book 1) is a NA Sci-Fi by Scarlett Dawn

Amazon Book Description:

A savagely wicked new adult sci-fi serial blasts off with Fall, the first installment in The Cold Mark Saga...
Only one thousand Humans survived The Travel from the shattered Earth. Some Humans say it was their penance for crushing such beauty. Eighteen-year-old Braita merely thought it was pathetic - pathetic that her people had been that blind.

Now, the Humans live in the solar system, Kline, where three planets are habitable. Joyal, the smallest planet, is embraced by the Humans - their family to love as they had never loved Earth. Though a planet covered mainly in water is dangerous real estate to dwell upon.

Their worry turns into devastating reality when Braita's blessed village is struck by a tsunami. Population numbers must be kept to a minimum. Drastic measures must be taken. Braita's life is twisted in brutality when she is chosen as one of the three hundred Humans to be removed from Joyal...and sent to the Mian, the aliens to fear, on the planet Triaz.

Thrown head first into a barbaric world she knows nothing of, Braita must adapt to a dark life as a slave of the Mian society. Her existence depends on it...and possibly, the fall of her heart.

 My Review-
Wow! What an ending!

I'm absolutely in love with the Forever Evermore series so I didn't hesitate in buying Fall. I don't think Ms.Dawn is even capable of writing a bad book, not to mention it's only $.99. SCORE! If you hadn't noticed this is a novella so it's pretty short. It took me about 2 hours to read.

Holy. Hell. Scarlett.
This book was awesome. I loved getting to read another genre from Scarlett Dawn. She kicks ass at Paranormal/Fantasy so I figured I wouldn't be disappointed. I wasn't. Braita is a human in a broken world. She gets sent on a journey with her best friend Jax and many other humans to 2 other planets in order to save their race. I loved being inside Braita's head during this. Ms.Dawn is an amazing story teller and a true artist of descriptions. I had no trouble feeling like I was right there with the characters and experiencing their emotions with them.

Did I mention that Braita is a total badass? Small preview -->
"I launched one of my blades right at his throat, and then raced straight for him. I had the blade back in my hand even before he hit the ground, gurgling on his own blood."-Fall, Scarlett Dawn
 Now THAT is a strong female lead! Take note y'all!

I do agree with some of the other reviews that it was lacking a little in humor, which was par for her Forever Evermore series, but I think humor would have been misplaced in this story. This book was pretty heartbreaking and terrifying for the main characters, and I think that the feel of it was perfect in relation to the context. It's a different book and a different world where we don't completely know the characters and their stories yet. I can only imagine it will get better with the next installment and I'll be first in line to buy that book also.

Bravo again, Scarlett! Another 5 star read for me.

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