Thursday, March 27, 2014

Noob Bloggers On The Block

Hey there and thanks so much for visiting us! 

Lit On Literature is what we fondly refer to as an author support page. A jockstrap for the written word, if you will. It also sidelines as an outlet for our mental dribble which may include but is not restricted to: snark, sarcasm, occasionally the outright absurd, and anything that happens to tickle our ribs.

We have 2 admins: 

Crissy- The sexy nerdy pinup lady and author stalker extraordinaire, able to spot writing excellence from a mile away, leap tall buildings in a single bound, and stop bullets with her bare hands. Maybe. She hasn’t tested those last two. *shrugs* Either way she has a sweet ass cape.

Suz- Charismatic swashbuckling piratess who sails the seven seas bravely navigating the uncharted words of authors known and obscure, searching for adventure and treasure between the covers of books. Or whatever else she may find, she’s not picky about booty.

Together they are the always inappropriate, sometimes vulgar, and never politically correct super duo known as L.O.L.

We will personally recommend any books or authors we think are worth reading. This means we have read them and they may or may not have been our cup of tea but are definitely worth your time.
On Fridays we will do an author or book spotlight to support our absolute faves. These are the stories that worm their way back into our heads long after they've been tucked back onto the bookshelf. 

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