Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Don't Be A Dick

So, I'm surfing the net looking for a good anti-bullying picture to go with a post I was going to make on my Facebook page. I was going to post this for the author/blogger community to see. It's been a recurring problem here it seems. I just got finished watching yet another author plea for the bullying to stop.

So here is the funny thing... As I'm searching for these motivational anti bully images (for a bunch of adults, mind you), you want to know what 99% of the images are? Children...that's right, children bullying other children. Because bullying is what naive CHILDREN do. Not something a grown ass adult should be doing.

So moral of the story is...put your big girl panties on, and grow the fuck up. This isn't high school anymore.
Rant over.
Oh and I found a more fitting picture... 


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