Friday, May 30, 2014


So I guess I just turned this Fan Girl Friday into *drumroll*  FUCK IT ALL, FRIDAY!

Pretty much what that means is I'm just really lazy so I'm going to ramble on about whatever tickles my fancy. Soooo here's my question of the day.

Do you think there is a thin line between Romance and Erotica books? 

I don't think their used to be, but there is now.

If you wanted to read a romance you picked up a Romance and got engrossed in a passionate love story. A Passionate love story with a few hot sex scenes. Now, you pick up a Romance book and WHOA! T&A and D&B everywhere! And then they lived happily ever after...? Wait...wha..?

Yeah of course most people in love have sex, but it really doesn't need to last three chapters and be described in great detail to the reader every time it happens. Which lately seems to be about 4 or 5 times a day..give or take. (GEEZ they have some stamina!) I'm NOT saying I don't like reading about sex, I DO! Which brings me to the point of my post. I feel like that is what the Erotica genre is for. The couples who are insatiable and barely leave their bedroom and OBVIOUSLY don't have kids or lives. But hey it's Erotica! We can all dream right!?

I just think a lot of Romance books now could seriously cut out some unnecessary sex scenes. Get a great story line going which would make the inevitable sex scene sooo much better. Not to mention it's really hard to fall in love with a character when all they talk and think about is how much they want to do the dirty.

Wait...I guess it wasn't that hard to fall in love with my husband...

Anywho! All I'm saying is call it what it is. And if you don't want to call it Erotica then don't overload it with sex scenes when you could overload it with the build-up. It is, after all, the best part in my opinion. I mean the build-up to the climax in the book...kiddin! I totally mean the sex.

Just FYI, I equally love both genres. <3

~Crissy xoxo

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